In our first of five blog posts dedicated on helping students work through hard emotions using music by exploring improvisation and musical meditation.

Improvisation Rolls: *no improvisation experience needed by teacher or student. Roll a drone while your student takes a deep breath (or two), closes their eyes if comfortable, and begins rolling. Ask the student to go slow and move notes with their breath, rolling one note at a time to start with. Match dynamics and let them lead. There are no wrong notes. The student can move back to the drone note when they are all done. I’ve found that keeping to all the white keys and droning on A to be a great way to start. 

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

-thich nhat hanh


Teaching Music is so much more than getting students to perform music. One of the greatest gifts music teachers can give students is the tools to turn to music to work through hard emotions during hard times. I’m happy to share some strategies that I have implemented in teaching elementary students in my private studio that make space for their hard times, and lead them towards music as a source to work through it. 

Kids are different. Some want to talk it through, and others are private. Teachers know when something is off. 


I hope you enjoy connecting with your students. -K.E. 

Our goal is to get more kids playing percussion!  

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