Adjust Your Lesson Plan: Kids have a whole lot of sources of tough love and while sticking it through is an important skill to develop, sometimes adjusting the lesson plan helps facilitate growth. This can be easier for teachers with a process-based philosophy rather than those with a product-based philosophy. Learning how to use music to work through emotions is an invaluable lifelong tool. 

It is okay to skip your regular lesson plan to shift into something that will ultimately help. I have scrapped theory for a talk. I have scrapped technique in order to get up and move while playing the drums. I have scrapped repertoire in order to help a student compose something they want to get out. Doing this on a regular basis may not work out Noticing when a student is struggling and making adjustments at the very least communicates to your student that you care and are willing to make adjustments for them.


Teaching Music is so much more than getting students to perform music. One of the greatest gifts music teachers can give students is the tools to turn to music to work through hard emotions during hard times. I’m happy to share some strategies that I have implemented in teaching elementary students in my private studio that make space for their hard times, and lead them towards music as a source to work through it. 


I hope you enjoy connecting with your students. -K.E. 

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