Instrument budget and access is a HUGE barrier for percussionists. With marimbas costing thousands of dollars, I’ve had to get creative with developing ways to help students get practice at home and in 2015 I decided to take matters into my own hands by making a very simple solution: felt practice marimbas. (It’s a riff on my go-to in high school and college when I didn’t have access to instruments at school: a marimba drawn on a fridge box.)

There are obvious setbacks with this, most notably, not having piched auditory feedback, but overall, the access to a practice outlet has been widely successful. I have found this approach to increase sensitivity to touch and confidence, and to help in the overall learning of music. 


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Have fun! 

Felt Marimba Tutorial

What you need:
     Marimba (for reference)


1. Lay out felt on top of marimba and secure with clothespins. 

2. Trace edges of all keys and dot between natural keys.

3. Use ruler to connect the bars, using dots for reference, and draw in string.


4. Cut access felt. 


5. Enjoy your practice!


6. Share pictures of your felt marimba at 


7. Get your piece (or three) by clicking here!  


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